30 min
Type of game
Shooting Game - Co-op

A thrilling

fight against the machines

Get ready for an epic space sci-fi mission that will immerse you in a thrilling adventure on a space station stranded in the depths of space.

You’ll weave through narrow corridors, risk your life in treacherous elevators and float in zero gravity. Your every move and decision will affect the survival of your team.

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space station

A lost military space station, no sign of human existence, mysterious events and you in the middle of it all. Will you dare to accept this challenge and embark on an exploration with your unit?



Immerse yourself in a sophisticated sci-fi world.

Experience an intense fight for survival, solve complex puzzles and uncover a dark plot that will leave you cold.

Every step could be your last. Every decision can change the fate of the entire mission. Are you ready to face the unknown?

Fight with

everything you have!

With groundbreaking technology, you’ll have four unique blaster modes at your disposal, each designed for specific combat situations.

Scatter allows you to hit multiple targets at once, beam will penetrate even the toughest armor, pulse rifle will keep you alert to incoming threats, and rail gun? That’s like the icing on the cake, giving you a real sense of power.

And when you come under heavy fire, the deployable force shield protects you.

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