Become the new Gamemaster

in Zero Latency Prague

Are you looking for a new part-time job or a straight job, but squatting in an office is not for you?
Do you want to experience action, entertain people, visit unexplored worlds in all corners of the universe every day and still be in a cool address in the centre of Prague?
Then you’re on the right page and we might just be looking for you!

We are Zero Latency Prague and we run an entertainment arena with state-of-the-art free roam virtual reality in the centre of Prague, just browse our website a bit and you’ll get the picture.

In order to really enjoy virtual gaming to the fullest, our visitors need a capable GAMEMASTER on hand to guide them through the entire gaming experience, introduce them to each game scenario, assist them when they get „stuck“ or, on the contrary, motivate them to even better results.

From our GAMEMASTER we expect

What for?

In Zero Latency Prague, you'll definitely have fun and make some money.

And it pays off! Do you agree? Call us on +420 602 631 033 or send us an email to Or just drop by when you’re passing by.

We look forward to seeing you!