Are you headed to the altar? End your single life with a fascinating adventure across distant worlds! We will take you into deep space, where you’ll fight for your life and fend off hordes of bloodthirsty zombies. No matter which game you choose, thanks to modern VR technology, you’ll feel like you’re really there!A bachelor/ette party at Zero Latency Prague is not just about gaming though. Thanks to our great spaces, we can accommodate your every wish. We’ll provide a full bar, delicious food, and other accompanying activities.Plus, you can find us right in the center of Prague, just a short walk from Florenc train station.
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Only at Zero Latency will you experience what deep space explorers and heroes from the distant future do. Thanks to unique wireless VR technology without limitations, this experience won’t be a game for you, but your life!


Don’t forget that this virtual reality is quite real. So after the game, hunger will strike! That’s why we’re happy to prepare the perfect combo of action-packed VR games and a custom buffet with unlimited beer.


Find us right in the center of Prague. That means great accessibility and minimal excuses about difficult travel to get to the fun. After the game, you’ll also have a private event room at your disposal. For more demanding grooms/brides-to-be, a rooftop bar can also be arranged.


of programs

standard game

Just want to play in our VR arena? Use our online form and book your appointment now.

Private game

Don’t want to share your game slot? Just select the “Private Game” option on the booking form. Attention! Event room rental is not included.

VIP package

Take your bachelorette party to the next level! Have a private event room set up for your group, where you can enjoy accompanying games, a full buffet and wish the birthday boy or girl.



unlimited drinks

Drink to your heart’s content. Draft Pilsner, ciders, prosecco, soft drinks, everything except hard liquor.


During the game you are guaranteed to get hungry! That’s why we have prepared several buffet packages for you. It’s up to you which one you choose.


beer pong

What would a farewell party in Prague be without beer. Play Beer Pong with the gang. There’s no shortage of Pilsner on tap.


arcade machine

Free roam VR is the entertainment of the future, but who says the 80’s is over? See for yourself and return to the golden age of arcade games. See if any of you can beat our PAC-MAN record!


social games

Worried that you won’t be able to keep up with the VR frenzy? There’s plenty more stylish games waiting for you in the event room… XXL Jenga, Balance board or Ring Toss will keep the whole group entertained!

arena paintball-prague

We have a 10% discount on activities in the Paintball-Prague arena, including a free program that we will plan for you. Of course, transportation between the venues is available.


of Space


Have fun with friends over a drink, watch the live stream of the current VR game on the LCD monitors and enjoy a moment of peace before the coming virtual apocalypse.

game space

With 150m² of unobstructed space and the ultimate VR illusion, you’re guaranteed the ultimate gaming experience.

event room

Exclusive space overlooking the game space, LCD screens with live streaming of the current VR game, accompanying games, kitchenette, sofas and stylish seating for up to 25 guests. Included in the VIP package.

Rooftop bar

The space on the top floor overlooking the centre of Prague will add a glamorous touch to your farewell party. From 12.000 CZK



Karolína Tučková