Birthday party for kids or legendary party for adults? With Zero Latency, you’ll take your event to the next level. Enjoy a great combination of an exclusive adrenaline-filled activity and stylish private spaces right in the center of Prague with your friends.

An exciting adventure in a virtual world that has no equal in the Czech Republic awaits you, and you’ll experience an adrenaline rush you won’t soon forget.

And don’t worry, we have room for everyone! Our space can hold up to 60 people, so you can invite all your friends and family.

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Book a part or the entire luxurious event space. With a large capacity of up to 60 people, you can invite all your friends who will certainly appreciate the super comfort and unique and accessible location in the center of Prague.


Whether you survive the fight against hordes of zombies or not, after the action games in our arena, you can look forward to the real reality of great refreshments, chilled drinks and other accompanying activities that you will enjoy with your friends in your private space.


Treat your children to something new they haven’t experienced before. An unforgettable birthday celebration full of friends, experiences, and adrenaline. Let them explore virtual worlds as part of strategic and experiential games developed exclusively for ZeroLatency. An experienced organizer will take care of the children.


of programs

Standard game

Just want to play in our VR arena? Use our online form and book your appointment now.

Private game

Don’t want to share your game slot? Just select the “Private Game” option on the booking form. Attention! Event room rental is not included.

vip package

Take the whole celebration to the next level! Have a private event room set up for your group, where you can enjoy accompanying games, a full buffet and wish the birthday boy or girl.



Enjoy your birthday celebration without compromise. Choose our VIP package to enjoy the following in addition to your private game…

Stylish event room

Enclosed company, a view of the entire playing area including two LCD screens with live feed from the players’ glasses, a buffet with a kitchen, comfortable seating, accompanying activities and an open bar will take your celebration to the next level!


During the game you are guaranteed to get hungry! That’s why we have prepared several buffet packages for you. It’s up to you which one you choose. And don’t worry, we’ll be happy to help with the cake and serving.

Arcade Slot Machine

Free roam VR is the entertainment of the future, but who says the 80’s is over? See for yourself and return to the golden age of arcade games. See if any of you can beat our PAC-MAN record!

Balloon decoration

A birthday party, whether for children or adults, should have some staff culture! This means only one thing – stylish balloons simply must not be missing.

beer pong

Do you want to enjoy an advanced party? Then this Beer Pong tournament is simply not to be missed. Sponsored by freshly filmed Pilsen!

Social games

Worried that you won’t be able to keep up with the VR frenzy? There’s plenty more stylish games waiting for you in the event room… XXL Jenga, Balance board or Ring Toss will keep the whole group entertained!


of Space


Have fun with friends, watch the live stream of the current VR game on the LCD monitors and enjoy a moment of peace before the coming virtual apocalypse.

Game space

With 150m² of unobstructed space and the ultimate VR illusion, you’re guaranteed the ultimate gaming experience.

Event room

Exclusive space overlooking the game space, LCD screens with live streaming of the current VR game, accompanying games, kitchenette, sofas and stylish seating for up to 25 guests. Included in the VIP package.

Rooftop bar

The space on the top floor overlooking the centre of Prague will add a glamorous touch to your event. From 12.000 CZK



Karolína Tučková